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Lorri Honeycutt

Medium:   Digital Photography


Contact Information:   P.O. Box 163146, Austin, TX 78716,
Phone: 512-422-4221

Did you know that laughter heals the heart, increases your metabolism, makes you happy, and touches even the grumpiest demeanor? A sense of humor is a gift. Meeting those who share your odd sense of humor is joyous!

Living a full life requires that we keep our eyes open to new ideas and with an appreciation of the world around us. There are small treasures of happiness everywhere. Sometimes we have to look closely to see them.

I have been dabbling in photography for many years. Depictions of happy or humorous characters have always caught my attention in all art mediums. Matching "what if" ideas with the perspective of large and small opens up a huge world of photo opportunities. My macro photos are a mix of miniature figures posed in clever situations. My goal is to make you think, and then smile.

All photos are taken with a Nikon digital camera with macro lens. None of the photos have been digitally altered.

I grew up in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. After completing my education in North Carolina, I have spent a lengthy career in the high tech computer world in Texas. I've seen my share of both hurricanes and flash floods.

In 2004, I decided to take a break from my full-time high tech career and pursue much more interesting work in photography. When I'm not taking pictures of little people, I enjoy the incredible music, art, boating, golf, and people that Austin has to offer.


Lorri Honeycutt